Wannops’ Worthing office welcomes new commercial team

As Worthing Solicitors we know it’s a good place to live and for business

In recent years Worthing has kept under the radar of developers, commercial property owners and businesses from outside the area, purely due to the misconception of the town having an ageing population – which could not be further from the truth!

In the past few years this has changed and families, and those wishing to avoid the high property prices further to the East of the town,  have chosen Worthing as an ideal option. This has caused the rapid growth of residential developments in the area and in turn rapid population growth.

Worthing has even more to offer to businesses with large sites within the centre of the town available and ready for development to provide new and exciting retail, leisure and commercial opportunities.

Wannops have recognised the potential of Worthing for businesses and we have recently expanded our office, which already provided residential conveyancing, wills and probate, family and criminal practice to be ready for the future.

We now have a commercial team which has the expertise to give advice and support in all commercial areas including employment, commercial property, company law, dispute resolution and all types of property and building disputes.The team is highly experienced, specialised and ready for the challenges.

So, if we can be of any help please call us to see what services we can offer to help your business. The key contacts are:-

Alex Jones (Employment)

Gavin Clark (Commercial Property)

Paul Harrington (Property Dispute Resolution)

Tim Fenton (Commercial)

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