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Individual Dispute Resolution

Disputes in your personal life or business are stressful and time consuming. Our team of experienced solicitors find workable and practical solutions to minimise the impact on you or your business so that you achieve the outcome that suits you.

Our knowledgeable team will identify your objectives, assess the merits and risks, and provide advice and options in plain language.

There are many ways to solve a dispute, and court proceedings should only be considered as a last resort. Where possible, we will help you negotiate in an attempt to resolve the dispute without the worry and cost of going to court. Sometimes court cannot be avoided and in these circumstances we will confidently fight on your behalf to protect your best interests and ensure the dispute is resolved to your satisfaction.

We are able to represent you in litigation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication and informal negotiations.

Our dispute resolution specialisms include:

  • Construction and Building Disputes
  • Contract and Consumer Disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Inheritance and Wills disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Property Litigation

Professional Negligence

We pursue claims against all major professions, including solicitors, barristers, surveyors, accountants, financial advisors, valuers and architects.

We can assess the strength of your case and give you an indication of whether you have grounds to pursue a claim.

Our experienced team will consider all of the relevant documentation and provide an early assessment of the merit of your case and your legal position.  We will also advise as to the likely cost of pursuing a claim and of the most pragmatic, cost-effective and appropriate way in which the matter should be pursued and resolved.

If you would like more information at this stage, please contact us.

A viable professional negligence claim has 3 key ingredients:

  1. Duty

The duty and responsibility owed by the professional to you will vary from case to case. The contractual terms often dictate on which the professional was instructed and the expectations of the parties who would rely on their services and to what extent.

  1. Breach of Duty

An error by the professional will generally be negligent if it is an error that a competent professional would not have made.

  1. Loss caused by Breach

The error or fault by the professional must have caused you or your business a loss.

The remedy for a professional negligence claim is damages reflecting the loss caused. Calculating your loss can be a complex exercise, with the approach varying significantly from case to case.


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