Mediation Solicitors

  • Mediation offers separating couples a process to help them deal with their separation or divorce/civil partnership dissolution.
  • It is a cost effective way to resolve matters in a non-confrontational environment
  • It is voluntary and managed by a specially trained mediator
  • You can discuss any issues concerning your finances and/or children.

What are the Benefits?

  • Mediation saves you money as it is often considered the least expensive option to resolve your separation.
  • Helps you to make informed decisions that are right for your circumstances and the future of your family.
  • Helps to reduce tension between you and your former partner if you are able to agree a solution to your separation that works for you and your family.
  • For those couples with children, mediation is often a good step in working out how you will work together as separated parents. Once the settlement is agreed, parents normally have to continue to discuss issues concerning their children with their ex-partner for many years afterwards and ensuring that you have good communication with each other and a plan will often help with the pain of separation.  A mediator will help you both to achieve this.

What is a MIAMS?

A MIAMS (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) is the first meeting you will have with your Mediator.  This meeting enables you to get to know the mediator and enables your mediator to assess whether mediation is the right process for you.  There is a cost for a MIAMS which will be provided upon enquiry.

Costs of Mediation?

Please contact Julia Dyson via email or by phone on 01903 228200 for details about the costs.  Wannops mediation costs are competitive.  Julia is an experienced mediator having been in private practice as a family lawyer since 1997 when she qualified as a solicitor and she has been a family mediator since 2012.