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Domestic Violence

The law relating to domestic violence has developed rapidly in recent years, in response to the recognition of the harm caused by abusive behaviour within family relationships, especially to children.

There is much that can be done to secure protection from domestic harm. Some of the steps we recommend for any victim are the following;

  1. Take advice: there is much advice available to those who need it, most of which can be obtained without your partner’s knowledge.
  2. Speak to a friend/ domestic violence centre or even the police: The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) provides a 24 hour confidential helpline (0800 970 2070) and even refuge where immediate safety can be guaranteed.
  3. Consult a solicitor: there are a range of laws available to protect victims from domestic abuse and these include obtaining:
  • An order directed at your partner ordering that behaviour to cease.
  • An order requiring your partner to move out of the family home.
  • An order preventing your partner from entering into an area close to the family home, the workplace of the victim or the school attended by the children.
  • An order regulating where the children are to live.
  • An order preventing your partner from removing the children from the care of the other parent except on terms set out in the court order.

A breach of any of these orders could lead to arrest and a criminal conviction.

We are experts in family law and often work closely with police and domestic abuse advisors to make sure that our clients are fully protected.  If you are a victim of domestic abuse we will be happy to advise you in complete confidence.


Yes, definitely. We are usually able to see you at very short notice, and will act quickly to make sure that you are protected. If necessary we can ask the court to hear your application immediately.

If your partner defends the case you may have to go to court, but often the court will grant measures to make sure that you are protected from seeing him or her, for example by letting you wait in a separate room, and erecting screens in court. Your partner won’t be able to speak to you directly during any proceedings.

If you are financially eligible, you may be entitled to legal aid. If not , we are able to offer a fixed fee for initial advice. If you apply for an injunction against your partner and you are successful you may be able to ask for the other party to pay your costs.

No, your consultation will be kept completely confidential.

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If you wish to discuss protection from domestic abuse confidentially, please speak to our experienced team today on 01243 778844 (Chichester), 01903 228200 (Worthing) or 01243 864001 (Bognor Regis).