Criminal Law Solicitors

We have a reputation for excellence in representation of clients in all criminal matters. Whether in the Crown Court or Magistrates’ Court your matter will be dealt with by advocates with an outstanding professional reputation. Complex criminal matters involving fraud and manslaughter are handled by our teams of highly experienced solicitors and barristers experienced in managing and defending high profile corporate cases. Our services include:

  • Corporate manslaughter cases
  • Murder and rape cases
  • Appeal courts
  • Fraud and very high cost cases
  • Magistrates’ Court
  • Crown Court
  • Police station representation
  • Benefit fraud cases

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Criminal Litigation Solicitors

We understand the worry and anxiety faced by those who have been arrested or even prosecuted for a criminal offence. Your job, career and possibly even your freedom are at stake, so you need help from advisors with experience and the highest standards of commitment, thoroughness and professionalism. Wannops has an unrivalled reputation for providing high quality representation to those who are investigated or prosecuted, so if you instruct our firm you can be confident you have the best possible team on your side.

A Comprehensive Service

Being arrested or charged can be frightening. That’s why we offer our clients a round the clock service, providing phone or face to face advice at any time of night or day, in cases of emergency. If you are taken to a police station and held there, we will attend if you ask us to do so, immediately if necessary. And if you are ordered to appear in court, we’ll be there to represent you, providing the highest quality advocacy to make sure that your rights are properly protected.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted call us immediately – we will respond in a prompt, effective and discreet way,

Arrest & Police Station Advice

If you have been arrested, or have been asked to attend a police station, or if you are being investigated by a regulatory body for an offence, we can help. We offer a 24 hour service to those who have been arrested, and often arrange voluntary attendances for interview to avoid unnecessary arrest and detention. We will provide advice throughout the investigation process, to make sure that your rights are always protected.

Detention of Cash and Asset Seizure

Investigators have wide powers to seize and detain money which they suspect may have come from crime, even on very limited grounds. We have extensive experience in working to recover these funds, and appearing in court to defend applications to seize or forfeit assets. We work with forensic accountants and senior counsel to prove our clients’ entitlement to assets, and have an outstanding track record in defending these claims.

Large Scale and Complex Fraud

Our firm regularly represents those accused of being involved in fraud and financial misconduct, where a detailed and methodical approach is usually called for. We work with specialists in the field to gain a clear picture of the evidence, which allows us to respond in the most comprehensive and effective way possible. This type of case can be devastating for businesses, so if you find yourself accused of fraud or dishonesty choose a firm with experience and expertise to defend you.

Regulatory Law

We regularly defend cases brought by local authorities or professional bodies alleging non-compliance with regulations, including

  • Breaches of planning enforcement notices
  • Breaches of HMO regulations
  • Licensing breaches
  • Copyright and trademark infringements
  • Food safety and hygiene breaches
  • Health and safety at work complaints.

We have an outstanding record of success in this type of case, and work hard to make sure that businesses and individuals are assisted to achieve compliance as an alternative to prosecution.

Road Traffic Law and Motoring

We are specialists in this complex area of law, and understand the damaging effect that endorsement or loss of your driving licence can have. We will conduct a thorough review of the evidence in your case, and quickly advise on your options in order to achieve the most favourable possible outcome for you. Where necessary we will call on experts, whether in regard to accident reconstruction, impairment or vehicle speed to support your case

Criminal Defence Solicitors

We have a full time staff of experienced criminal litigators who are available to represent you, whatever the circumstances. We offer a thorough, professional and discreet service to all of our clients.


It depends on what the court says you have done, your previous record if you have one, and whether or not you admitted the offence. In most serious cases the court will ask the probation service to deliver a report before passing sentence, which helps the court to decide upon the punishment.

If you plead not guilty the court will fix the case for a trial either in the magistrates’ court or the crown court depending upon the seriousness of the matter alleged. Sometimes you will be given a choice as to where your case is heard. At the trial witnesses will be called and you will be invited to give evidence before the court decides on a verdict.

In a legal aid case, probably not. We always instruct experienced and reputable barristers, whatever type of case it is, but in legal aid cases we can’t guarantee availability. If you instruct us privately we will arrange a conference with your barrister well before the case comes to court, and we can usually guarantee that the same advocate will appear for you in court. In serious cases you may wish to secure the services of senior counsel, perhaps with a specialist practice in the area of law concerned, and in these cases we will try to negotiate competitive fees to make sure you have the best possible defence

It depends. Legal aid is available in some cases, depending on the seriousness of the case, and your financial circumstances. In other cases you may need to pay for a solicitor to represent you. We usually offer fixed fees in these circumstances, so that you know how much you are likely to have to pay from the beginning.

Sometimes suspects are invited to attend voluntarily to be questioned by police or other investigators. Of course, you have a right to refuse, but this means that you might not get a chance to put forward your side of the story. And in some circumstances where a suspect declines to attend voluntarily the police may decide to arrest him or her instead.

Yes. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 guarantees this right to you. This means that you can speak to a solicitor or qualified legal advisor on the phone or face to face to get advice before you have to answer any questions, and you can even have your representative with you in the police interview. You are permitted to speak to them privately at any time, and questioning has to stop for this to take place if you ask for it.

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