Property Litigation Solicitors

Property Litigation

Property disputes are common both in the residential and commercial context. You may be a long-term tenant who owns a flat or a house as leasehold, and has difficulties getting the landlord to undertake repairs, or a commercial tenant facing excessive service charges.

We recognise that property related dispute require specialist advise and our team have a broad range of experience in all aspect of property litigation, both pursuing and defencing claims.

Our lawyers will provide you with pragmatic advice about your dispute to ensure that it is resolved as quickly as possible, in a proportionate way. Our advice will set out all options available to you including litigation, alternative dispute resolution and where applicable arbitration.

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In respect of commercial property, we can help with:

  • Commercial Landlord & Tenant
  • Contentious and Non-Contentious Business Lease Renewals
  • Dilapidations Claims
  • Easements and Restrictive Covenants
  • Rent and Service Charge Recovery including Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery as well as court proceedings.
  • Breach of covenant and forfeiture claims including applications for relief from forfeiture.
  • Exercising break options.
  • Obtaining possession of land or premises occupied unlawfully

In respect of residential property, we can help with:

  • Possession Claims
  • Leasehold Enfranchisement and Lease Extensions acting for either landlord or tenant
  • Right to Manage claims
  • Rent and Service Charge including court, tribunal and insolvency proceedings as wel as forfeiture and relief for forfeiture claims
  • Service Charge disputes including section 20 major works consultations
  • Neighbour Disputes including trespass, adverse possession, rights of way, boundaries and nuisance.
  • Co-ownership Disputes
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