Commercial Property Solicitors

“We have a specialist team of solicitors with expertise in corporate affairs and commercial property, backed up with litigation support”

Is your experience of solicitors one where the lawyer who prepared your will had a go at drafting your shareholders agreement and then sold your parents’ house? Did you feel like your solicitor was trying their hand at areas of law they are unfamiliar with at your expense?

Today the legal world is too dynamic and fast moving to enable one person to competently offer sound advice on a variety of different areas of law and this is why we have a specialist team of solicitors with expertise in corporate affairs and commercial property, backed up with litigation support. This allows us to provide a full range of commercial and property services to rival the largest legal firms but at a more competitive rate and in a way that you can understand. We take the time to get to know you and will give your business the attention it deserves. Understanding your unique business needs and requirements will enable us to create bespoke legal solutions that suit your needs.

We adopt a pragmatic solution based approach to all legal matters. We constantly receive feedback from our clients on the speed and clarity of our advice. The importance of taking legal advice at the outset of a transaction is something that will bring value to your business and in our experience taking proper advice ensures that the deal goes smoothly and minimises the risk and expense of unforeseen problems in the future. Our clients have the confidence to build their businesses with the comfort of knowing that the foundations are solid. The services we frequently advise clients on are listed in the Business Services menu option above. Please click on the appropriate link to meet the team.

Commercial Real Estate

We can help you with the sale or purchase of your retail shop, lock-up, warehouse, garage, office and any other type of commercial property, nationwide. We can advise on initial Heads of Terms, the relevant searches that will need to be carried out, contract packs, Standard Commercial Property Conditions, auction sales and purchases, negotiating the deal and agreeing the Contract and then dealing with post-completion matters such as paying Stamp Duty Land Tax and registering the transaction with the Land Registry.

Development deals for commercial and residential freehold property and land:

Do you have land that is suitable for development? Have you been approached by a developer to sell land that you own? What is the best deal for you? What does the developer want and why? What is the difference between an Option Agreement and a Conditional Contract? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of deal?

We specialise in providing tailored professional advice on Option Agreements, Development Agreements, Promotion Agreements, Conditional Contracts and straightforward sales and purchases of development land.

Overage Agreements (future payments of money linked to increasing land values)

Do you want to share in the future increase in land values after entering a sale contract? With an Overage Agreement you can secure a share of the future profits of increasing land values. Talk to us about how this works and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Overage can be extremely complex and it is important to make sure your long term interests are properly protected.

Landlord and Tenant advice

We can provide Landlord and Tenant advice on the following areas:

  • The Interpretation Of Leases E.G. Rent Review Clauses And Service Charge Provisions
  • Tenant Insolvency – Rights And Remedies
  • Exercising Break Clauses
  • Lease Renewals Under The Landlord And Tenant Act 1954 Together With Any Tactical Considerations
  • Recovering Rent Arrears
  • Enforcing Covenants
  • Bringing Or Defending Dilapidations Claims.

Negotiating new leases, renewals, extensions, licenses and variations;

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Or taking over an existing one? We can advise on a new lease or taking the assignment of an existing leasehold interest. We can also provide due diligence on the commercial aspects of the deal.

Is your lease up for renewal? Do you want a new lease and on what terms? What will the rent be?

Do you want to assign an existing lease? Or do you want to carry out alterations? Both may require a Licence from the Landlord. We can draft the Licence or offer advice on any documents you may have received.

Sub-letting, assignments and forfeiture

Are you a tenant looking to sub-let your property? We can advise on the best way forward for all parties concerned, the Landlord, the existing tenant and any new future sub-tenant.

Are you taking an assignment of a lease or do you want to assign the lease to a new tenant? What is the procedure and how much will it cost? We can provide tailored advice on all aspects of transferring the leasehold interest in a property.

Are you in breach of your lease? Or do you have difficult tenants? We can help with taking action against a tenant or if you are a tenant facing forfeiture proceedings we can help with defending and negotiating any claims against you.

Advice on security of tenure and the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954

Does your lease have security of tenure? What happens at the end of your lease? Can you negotiate a new lease or do you have to leave the property? What are your legal rights at the end of a commercial lease?

Are you a Landlord that wants your property back? What are the options for a landlord at the end of a lease? What are the advantages of providing a lease with the benefit of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954? What is the procedure for contracting out of the Landlord and Tenant Act? Call our Commercial property team for expert advice in this area.

Agreements for Lease

An Agreement for Lease is a document that commits both sides to entering into a lease at a date in the future, subject to certain things happening, such as obtaining Planning permission or having alterations carried out. We can advise on these documents and ensure your interests are protected whether you are a landlord or a tenant. There are advantages and disadvantages to an Agreement for Lease and it is important to enter any negotiation fully informed.

Purchase and lease-back deals

Sometimes it makes sense to sell a property and then immediately enter into a lease-back arrangement. Do you need to raise funds quickly? What is involved with a sale and lease-back deal? We can assist with the legal paperwork and we will cut through the jargon to offer clear and easily understood legal advice

Land Registry transactions

Do you want to transfer the ownership of a property to a family member? Or to a business? Is the transfer of the property a gift or is money changing hands? What is the transfer of equity and how does it work? What is a beneficial owner and what are my rights? We can assist you with all property transactions for both commercial and residential property.

Mortgages and Re-mortgages

Do you need to raise funds from your commercial of residential property? We can help you to successfully mortgage of re-mortgage your property to release funds for further purchases or investment.

SIPP and pension transactions

Do you want to transfer your property to your SIPP or other pension vehicle? Do you want to build a portfolio for your SIPP? We have experience of working with SIPPs and other pension administration companies and can act for both you and your SIPP.

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