Intellectual Property Solicitors

Companies in a wide range of sectors enhance their value by the amount they invest in intellectual property. Intellectual property rights govern the use of a range of intangible property interests including copyright, trade marks and patents. Successful intellectual property protection requires legal advice which safeguards those rights in business sale agreements and various agreements to supply services.

In addition, companies with valuable intellectual property are forced to take steps to protect their rights against possible infringers. This may involve the threat of legal proceedings if competitors or counterfeiters do not respect a Company’s intellectual property. As a result, the rights may come under the scrutiny of the courts, where they may be found to be invalid if the appropriate steps to protect the intellectual property have not been taken.

Our services in this area include:

  • Intellectual property warranties and indemnities in share and asset purchase agreements
  • Copyright in music and literary publishing and software development agreements
  • Registered trade marks applications and enforcement
  • Passing off actions to protect goodwill in businesses for unregistered trade marks
  • Confidential information
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